Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Facebook Pushes Search Feature To More Users

NEW YORK: Users who may have grown frustrated with Facebook's rudimentary search feature are getting an updated version designed to make it easier to find people, places and photos on the site.Facebook unveiled its social search tool in January but only made it available to a small fraction of its 1.1 billion users, as its engineers continued to tweak and test it.Over the next few weeks, starting on Monday, the company is rolling out the social search tool, called ``Graph Search,'' to everyone whose language is set to U.S. English.

While it is possible that some of those Facebook users are fully aware that what they've shared is easily searchable, it is likely that some are not. It's easy to click ``like'' on a page and forget about it.To avoid any unpleasantness, Facebook plans to notify users that it's getting easier for people to find photos and other things you've shared with them'' along with a reminder that they can check who can see my stuff''under their privacy settings.The goal is to avoid bad surprises,'' said Nicky Jackson Colaco,privacy and safety manager at Facebook,But she stressed Facebook's view that the search tool ``indexes information differently than we have ever been able to do before, in a really positive way.''
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